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Naturopathic Assessments

Dr. Elena Moore, ND Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Assessments – What kind of tests can naturopathic doctors order?

By Dr. Elena Moore, ND

When thinking of the differences between conventional and naturopathic medicine, most people can identify differences in treatment style, but did you know that there are differences in the assessment process as well? These differences in both assessment and treatment make naturopathic and conventional medicine very complementary to each other - working together to help you achieve sustainable health.

Conventional Naturopathic
Testing Can order blood tests and imaging (x-rays, MRIs, etc) Can only order blood tests
Treatment Pharmaceuticals, surgery Lifestyle medicine, nutrition, botanical medicine, acupuncture

What does a naturopathic assessment entail?

Naturopathic visits are comprehensive, and generally longer than you’re used to (initial visits with me are 75 minutes). This gives you the time to go over not just your symptoms, but also your more general health history, and lifestyle with your naturopath. This allows your naturopath to really get to know you, not just your symptoms. In this way, we can get past a simple diagnosis and start to target the root cause. For example, you might complete a screening test for anxiety and find it’s positive. This is a great way to diagnose you, but it doesn’t necessarily help you get to the root issues. By going deeper and finding out why you’re anxious, you can get more out of treatment long term.

Can naturopaths order blood tests?

Yes, in British Columbia naturopathic doctors can order blood tests through LifeLabs. Naturopaths can also order a variety of other tests such as:

Testing may be recommended in order to correctly diagnose your condition. The difference between going through the conventional system and the naturopathic system is that tests done through a naturopath are not covered under MSP.

Can naturopaths test hormones?

Naturopathic doctors can order hormone blood tests for concerns of menopause, infertility, and thyroid health.

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Dr. Elena Moore, ND

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