Mental Health

Traditionally, mental health has always been associated with seeing a therapist or a counsellor. What most people don’t know is that TCM can provide effective results in managing mental health.

This is due to TCM’s comprehensive understanding of the five spirits. Emotional imbalance can affect the body and imbalance in the body can also affect the emotions. Depending on what emotions you are experiencing, it can allow me to understand which organs are affected. For example, anger, irritability, frustration are emotions relating to the liver. Sadness and grief are associated with the lungs and over thinking, worrying are emotions belonging to the spleen just to name a few. Good news is that there are specific acupunture points that can directly affect these 5 spirits and their organs.

Moreover, addressing the overall imbalance in the body can also translate to better mental health. To help me properly diagnose you I’ll look at your tongue and take your pulse. Tongue and pulse taking can give me a better understanding of what’s going on in the body as these are maps that reflect the whole body.

From there we will correct the imbalance in your body with acupunture, cupping or herbal remedies. Acupunture can tonify or sedating organ function bringing the body back into balance which then will translate back into the mind producing a better sense of well being. Other mental health conditions TCM can also positively effect are sleep, memory, poor concentration, timidity, eating disorder, ADHD, OCD and PTSD.