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Dr. Elena Moore, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

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Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Elena Moore

Feel like your health is stuck in a place where you're not "sick" but you're not "well"?

Your tests come back normal, but you're still suffering from

  • Hormonal concerns, PMS, painful periods, infertility, acne
  • Anxiety, low mood
  • Bloating, bad digestion
  • Chronic pain and fatigue

My mission is to empower my patients to achieve long-term wellness by getting to the root cause of their condition and providing realistic, evidence-based treatments. I believe that healthcare should be personalized, which is why my treatment plans are collaborative. I bring together your knowledge of your own body and experiences with my knowledge of integrative medicine.

I care so much about my patients, because I've been a patient too. My first time seeing a naturopathic doctor I was 17 and so nervous about going! (I thought all naturopaths were hippie vegans who would make me give up ice cream). I was pleasantly surprised to find that my naturopathic doctor wasn't all about restrictive diets and impossible supplement regimes.

I provide the type of naturopathic care that 17-year-old me would have never been afraid of. I believe health is about the quality and enjoyment of your life, rather than fitting into a “wellness” mold. My goal isn't to get you to an arbitrary number on a scale, but to get you to a point where you feel amazing, and aren't limited by your pain, fatigue, periods, or bowel habits.

Treatment plans vary, but can include a combination of personalized lifestyle medicine, targeted botanical or nutritional supplements, acupuncture, and cupping. While I love using supplements as a treatment, I don't sell any. You can be confident that if I recommend a treatment, it is for you (and not for my pocket).

If you are curious to know more about my approach to naturopathic medicine and how I can help you, book in for a free 15 min meet and greet call here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are visits covered by insurance?

Most extended insurance plans cover naturopathic medicine. Check with your provider, or give us a call 604-368-8799 to double check your plan.

Can I still see my family doctor?

Naturopathic doctors are a great complement to conventional medicine. We are trained to know which supplements are safe to take with your medications, and can offer treatments that are complementary to your current healthcare plan.

Can naturopathic doctors order lab work?

Yes, naturopathic doctors can order blood tests through LifeLabs (including food sensitivity testing). They cannot order imaging tests (such as X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans).

How are naturopaths educated?

Naturopathic doctors must obtain an undergraduate degree, with required premedical science courses, prior to attending the intensive four-year program at an accredited Naturopathic Medical School. In the province of British Columbia, naturopathic medical graduates are also required to pass five days of North American board regulated written and oral examinations. Each doctor is licensed and regulated by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia. http://www.cnpbc.bc.ca/

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